Your Carpet: Save It or Throw It Out?

5 things to look for

Wrinkled Carpet Repair by Carpet Care Craftsman

Wrinkles – Is the carpet just loose or is it damaged?

Improper installation is the number one cause of loose carpet. This can be repaired.
Delamination or separation of the backing materials may cause wrinkling, this condition is irreversible and cause for replacement.

Carpet tear repair by Carpet Care Craftsman
Tears – Don’t want your carpet to look like a patch quilt?

Resections are meant to be stronger than the surrounding carpet. If properly performed the insert can be virtually invisible, if not the repair can look like a patch quilt.

Dirt and Stains removed by Carpet Care Craftsman
Dirt/Stains – Replacing carpet because no one can remove difficult stains?

Dirt and colored stains on a white nylon carpet are probably some of the most difficult challenges carpet cleaners face. If you understand the chemistry of the stain, you will have a better understanding of how to remove it from even a white nylon carpet.

Matted Carpet
Matting – Do your traffic lanes look different than the edges of rooms?

Matting condition is usually related to a low density, low twist yarn on a carpet with a short-term warranty. Usually the products warranty will not cover this condition because it is considered an inherent characteristic.

Color Restoration by Carpet Care Craftsman
Color Loss - Are the areas green, orange, yellow, or white?

Color restoration is an art and matching color is a practiced talent.

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If we tell you we can save your carpet and you end up having to replace it because we were wrong, I will refund the entire amount you spent with us trying to avoid replacement.

Allen Shipley


Anyone can claim they know how to clean carpet and upholstery.
Is the carpet or upholstery really clean and will they return for FREE until it is clean?
Anyone can claim they know how to re‑stretch or repair carpet.
Do they give a life of the carpet guarantee on re‑stretch and repairs?
Are you tired of the “Dog and Pony Show” when it comes to Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning or Carpet Re‑stretch and Repairs?
Tired of being left with “Stiff and Crunchy” carpet that looks worse days or weeks after the cleaning?
Tired of someone trying to remove wrinkles in the carpet only to have them reappear in other areas of the room?
Tired of repairs that are so bad a sight challenged individual could see them?
Our carpet and upholstery cleanings make Women say “WOW”!
Our re‑stretch techniques save homeowners Thousands of dollars ($$$) in carpet replacement!
Our carpet repairs look like the damage never happened!
Find out why people who use us never want to lose us and why they are saying “I never knew my carpet could look like new again!”

Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning

Allen Shipley started Installing Carpet in the Summer of 1972, started cleaning carpet January 1989 and is a Certified Master Textile Cleaner and Senior Carpet Inspector. He worked for Sears and JC Penny’s and Gates Land Company as a carpet installation sub-contractor in the 70’s. In 1989 he went to work for a Denver based company whose owner chaired the Standards Committees and wrote the Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration Standards for our industry. This is where he became interested in Certification Training and now mandate it for all his employees.

Carpet Care Craftsman, Inc. cleans over 4 million square feet of carpet a year and have clients that have been with us for over 30 years.

This is What Our Clients Say

John Bryant Testimonial

What I liked best about CarpetCare Craftsman was their honesty, integrity, and being right up-front with us. Also, their knowledge of carpeting and being able to explain exactly what was happening.

John D. Bryant

Bobby Berkhouse Testimonial

All of the furniture was moved and areas cleaned including baseboards. Time and patience were used to assure cleaning done well. Professionalism and courtesy were exhibited during time of estimate through completion of cleaning.

Bobby Berkhouse

Marcy Conner Testimonial

The appearance of the carpet was great. It was soft, not full of chemicals and soap! Your company is friendly and efficient. You arrived on time, went to work and finished quickly.

Nancy Conner

Jennifer Rubick Testimonial

Prompt. Care taken under furniture legs and returning furniture to its place. Very professional and courteous.

Jennifer Rubick

Barbara Rickett Testimonial

After moving into a new home with… light carpeting… I immediately started having problems with walking patterns and spots that would reappear after cleaning… After a lot of searching, I found out that Allen Shipley was certified to check out carpets for carpet dealers. (He and all of his workers are certified and take classes regularly to keep up.) He arrived and agreed that the carpet was a MESS… Knowing I was having a party in a couple of days, he said he would come the next morning and do a quick center clean. WOW! It was clean and stayed clean. We have used Allen several times and RECOMMEND him to everyone we know. Now our friends are recommending him to their friends! You will find Carpet Care Craftsman to be very professional and personable. They clean thoroughly and guarantee their work.

Barbara Rickett

CarpetCare Craftsman is who you can count on when you need carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs!

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