When It Comes To Carpet, What Is Clean?

Tired of Carpet Cleaners that promise clean, show up, run thru your house with their cleaning wand, leave your carpet wet for three days, then when the carpet does dry it is stiff and crunchy and re-soils within a few days or weeks? Why can't carpet cleaners get...

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Steam Cleaning Carpet In 80132

Monument Colorado, especially zip code 80132 is a gorgeous part of Colorado, and it has more than its fair share of great neighborhoods. There are plenty of beautiful homes throughout 80132, and there are always more people interested in coming to Monument and making...

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How To Clean A Gravy Spill

It's the holidays, everyone is seated and ready to eat. Then as the gravy bowl is being carried into the dining room it slips out of your hands and you have a gravy spill all over the freshly cleaned white carpet. IMMEDIATE DISASTER. NOW WHAT? Most residential carpet...

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Why Is My Carpet Stiff And Crunchy?

Why Is My Carpet Crunchy And Stiff? (A Real World Perspective from a 45 year veteran of the carpet installation and carpet cleaning industry) By Allen Shipley, President, CarpetCare Craftsman, Inc. IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspector and Master Textile Cleaner...

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Pet Urine In Carpet

How To Get the Pet Urine Smell Out! One of the most difficult odors for homeowners and carpet cleaners to remove has always been pet urine. Pet urine registers on the acid side of the pH scale, as the liquid evaporates an alkaline salt residue is left. The Alkaline...

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The Importance of Walk Off Mats

Walk off mats are necessary to the Colorado Springs home or business owner that wants to avoid dirt from embedding in and ruining carpet fibers. Without a walk off mat system the carpet becomes your walk off mat system. Walk off mats are constructed to capture damp...

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Who Is the “Defender” Against Soil in Your Home?

Is it an outdated, over loaded, work horse of a vacuum? Has it been around for a while? Does it have a HEPA Filter system? Is the soil collected in a bag or canister? How often does the vacuum get emptied? When was the last time you saw what came out of your carpets?...

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Proper Spotting Techniques For Most Water Based Spots

The wrong carpet spotting technique can cause more damage than do good. In fact it doesn't matter how good your cleaning agent performs, improper technique will almost always ensure the spot will return and in most cases larger than before. Anyone can make a carpet...

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